Top 5 Common Reasons to Get Your Locks Changed by a Local Locksmith

Top 5 Common Reasons to Get Your Locks Changed by a Local Locksmith

You don’t have to be the fantastically observant, highly functional person like Mr. Holmes to deduce that the most common reason or more specifically the obvious reason to change a lock is when you lose your keys. So starting with what is plain, here are top 5 reasons to get your locks changed by a local locksmith


  1. The curious case of the missing keys: It is easier to find the national treasure than a set of keys that have gone missing. For those of you who gets tired of playing the game of ‘hide and go seek’ with keys, consider getting a spare and keeping it in a known location. If you lose the spare as well, there is nothing to do but call the locksmith for a lock replacement.
  2. New home, new lock: Unless the former tenant is Matthew Murdock, there is no reason to continue with the same set of locks. Have the locksmith replace the locks as soon as you move in. All realtors suggest that you have the locks changed once you move in. For all you know, the previous tenant hasn’t handed in all the copies.
  3. Failed break-in or a robbery: Once the house has been broken into, change the locks. Even mathematics suggests that the probability of being robbed the second time is high. Most burglars admit to targeting the same house again if the first time was simple. What is more astonishing is that most home break-ins happen through the front doors. Not only will a new set of locks make you feel more secured, it will also be a rude shock if the thief returns.
  4. Your child lost the keys or has given it to a friend: When you are out of town for an extended time, it is common practice to give a friend a set of spare keys to drop in every now and then to check on the house. There is a high chance that the key you loaned was given to another friend who may be a complete stranger to you or even lost. It is best to have the locks replaced on returning.
  5. Everything needs to be replaced, even locks: There may be no break-in or loss of keys, however, a lock change is still necessary if it has been a while. Occasionally changing the locks is actually a good practice. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Apart from the reasons listed here, other situations which demand a lock replacement are worn out old locks, separation from a partner or when you hand the key to an unknown person like a repairman. End of the day, what matters is your safety and the safety of your family. If you can’t feel secure in your own house, where else would you feel secure? Even if it means spending a little money, giving priority to safety will give you total security and peace of mind.


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