Randolph Chapter #74


Coming from the north on Route 33 or route 219, the lodge is south of Davis and Elkins College on the left hand side adjacent to the Randolph County Court Annex Building.

Coming fro the south on route 33 or route 219, the lodge is just norht of the junction of both route 33 and 219 on the righthand side adjacent to the Randolph County Court Annex Building


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Randolph Chapter No. 74

LOCATION: B. Wees Masonic Temple, Randolph Ave., Elkins, WV 26241
MAILING ADDRESS: Rt. 2, Box 539, Elkins, WV 26241
MEETINGS: Second and Fourth Tuesday at 7:30


WM Adrienne Vance 127 Elm St., Elkins, WV 26241
WP David Nelson Rt. 1., Box 179B, Beverly, WV 26253
AM Mary M. Barkley Rt. 2, Box 389, Elkins, WV 26241
AP Robert Vance Rt. 1, Box 108A, Elkins, WV 26241
Sec Sara Hinkle Rt. 2, Box 539, Elkins, WV 26241
Trea Lena Umbright P. O. Box 1254, Elkins, WV 26241
Cond Patricia Lambert 1736 South Davis Ave., Elkins, WV 26241
AC Patsy Nelson, PGM Rt. 1., Box 179B, Beverly, WV 26253
Chap Doug Thompson HC 68, Box 69, Bowden, WV 26254
Mar Linda Vance Rt. 1, Box 108A, Elkins, WV 26241
Org Mary Durham 36 Cherry Fork Rd., Montrose, WV 26283
Adah Sandra George 12 Weese St., Elkins, WV 26241
Ruth Christina Harris 65 13th St., Elkins, WV 26241
Esther Margaret Thompson HC 68, Box 69, Bowden, WV 26254
Martha Pat K. Nestor 1420 Cole Ave., Elkins, WV 26241
Electa Frances McLaughlin 65 13th St., Elkins, WV 26241
War Bernice Bennett Rt. 1, Box 27, Valley Bend, WV 26293
Sent Lois Carr Rt. 2, Box 358, Elkins, WV 26241

Chapter Membership

Lendal Armstrong Ida Hensil Juanita Poe
Pauline Armstrong Robertta Hershey Lisa Preusch, P.M.
Patricia Baker Helen Himes Samuel Price
Mary M. Barkley, P.M. Russell Himes Wanda Price
Katye Bell Violet Himes Margaret Ramsey
Bernice Bennett Sara Hinkle, P.M. Jennifer Riggleman
Doris Beverage Xenada Holland Mary Ross
Okareta Blake Carol House Kay Royster
Robert Blake Virginia Isner thomas Schoonover
Terry Bodkins Brenda Jackson Virginia Schoonover
Barbara Brown Kimberly Johnson Anna Simmons
Hope Caplinger, P.M. Dorothy Jones Rosalee Sites
Grace Carpenter Linda Jones Lisa Daniels Smith
Norman Carpenter Lois Kessler Mary Smith
Lois Carr Lucille Kight, P.M. Opal Stalnaker
Barbara Carroll Allen King Elizabeth Summerfield
Faye Channell, P.M. Caroline King Anna Swisher
Audra Claypoole, P.M. Patricia Lambert, P.M. Helen Tacy
Deborah K. Hughes Cook Carrie LeFevre Juddith Taylor
Steven Cook Wanda Lemons Nancy Taylor
Kelly Corrick Mary Liggett Betty Thompson
Penelope Crawford Nellie Liggett Hugh Thompson
Linda Crosston Stacey Longbon Margaret Thompson
Tracey Currence Shirley Lynn Elizabeth Tinney
Brenda Daniels Elizabeth Marshall Macvean Betty Tompkins
John E. Daniels Sue Mallow Lena Umbright, P.M.
John K. Daniels Eloise Mann, P.M. Adrienne Vance, P.M.
Mae Daniels Ronald Mann, P.P. Hollis Vance
Marlene Daniels Anita R. Manolidis John R. Vance
John K. Daniels, II Sarah Marshall Krissy Vance
Mary S. Durham Mary Marstiller Linda Vance
John English Valjean McCartney Susan VanOver
Mary F. Folks Frances McLaughlin Josephine Vanscoy
Nancy L. Forinash Ruth McLaughlin, P.M. Constance Varner
Rachel Forinash Gloria Mire Anna R. Wagoner
Sandra George Mary Morrison David Paul Wamsley
Thomas George Paul Mullenax, P.P. Dorothy R. Wamsley
Marie Gilmore David Nelson, P.P. Michele Lee Wamsley
Charlotte Goff Patsy Nelson, P.M. Robin Wamsley
Barbara Grindle Grant Nestor Kathryn Ware
Paul Grindle Joyce Nestor Mildred Ware
Joyce Gumm Pat K. Nestor, P.M. Rhea Weese
Hazel Hankey Steven B. Osborn Jaymie Wilfong
Othel Hannah Susan Osborn Rosalea Wood
Lausinda Harman, P.M. Nancy Ossorid Delores Woody
Rachel M. Harper Leslie Owens Erma Woolwine
Christina Harris Michelle Pfau Wanda Yokum
Luella Hart, P.M. Kathleen Pingley  
Renie T. Heckel Gertrude Poe  

Chapter History

A meeting was held on January 14, 1915, for the purpose of take the steps necessary of the institution of a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star in Elkins, West Virginia. The petition for institution was read and formally signed. Randolph Chapter was the name recommended by a committee. The recommendation was approved and the name adopted. On February 2, 1915, Randolph Chapter, U. D., convened in the Masonic Hall in the Heavner Building for the formal institution of the Chapter.

The date of regular meetings were fixed for the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and has remained unchanged to the present date, with the exception of only one meeting in December.
The first death in Randolph Chapter was Elizabeth Miller, who died December 11, 1917. Samuel T. Spears, our first Worthy Patron died January 25, 1936, and Frances H. Hall, our first Worthy Matron, died May 30, 1946. O. C. Lewis, Worthy Grand Patron, who helped to institute our Chapter died in July 1946. Pearl Earle, Randolph Chapter’s first Worthy Grand Matron died December 30, 1944.

Marlinton Chapter No. 97 was instituted by members of Randolph Chapter No. 74 on July 7, 1922.

The first meeting held in the Boyd Wees Memorial Masonic Temple was on January 11, 1955, with Sister Goldie Wilmoth, Worthy Matron, and Brother Stark Wilmoth, Worthy Patron, presiding. The first candidate to be initiated in the new temple was Miriam Y. O’Neal.

Chapter's Past Grand Officers

Pearle Earle , Worthy Grand Matron — 1944
Mazzie Adamson Grand Warder — 1946
Sara Wagner Grand Electa — 1949
Julia Christopher Grand Electa — 1959
Julia M. Christopher , Worthy Grand Matron — 1967
Julia M. Christopher Grand Trustee — 1972-84
Paul Christopher Worthy Grand Patron — 1982
Faye Channell Grand Adah — 1992
Patsy Nelson Grand Adah — 1994
David A. Nelson Grand Warder — 2000
Patsy Nelson , Worthy Grand Matron — 2006
Patsy Nelson, Grand Trustee — 2010

Chapter's Past Grand Representatives

Frances P. Hall South Dakota 1917-1921
Elizabeth Smith California 1918-1921
Pearl Earle New Mexico 1924-1926
Margaret Nydegger Saskatchewan 1926-1929
Stella Spears Washington 1928-1931
Pearle Earle British Columbia 1931-1934
Mazzie Adamson Kansas 1944-1947
Wilma R. Ray Ohio 1947-1948
Norma Kramer Nevada 1948-1951
Helen Nelson Mississippi 1953-1956
Mary Canfield Indiana 1957-1959
Hope Caplinger South Carolina 1962-1965
Marie Marstiller Ohio 1967-1969
Elva Daniels Texas 1970-1972
Marguerite Scott District of Columbia 1973-1976
Faye R. Channell North Dakota 1979-1981
Frankie Sponaugle Delaware 1981-1984
Robert C. Scott Colorado 1985-1987
Patsy Nelson Colorado 1989-1991
David Nelson Oklahoma 1991-1993
Lena Umbright Nebraska 1993-1995
Effie Kniley Pennsylvania 1996-1998
Marlene Daniels Alabama 1999-2001
John Daniels Minnesota 2002-2004
Patricia Lambert Utah 2005-2007
Adrrienne Vance, Manitoba 2009-2011