Thelma Chapter #24


From Interstate 79, take the Clendenin US Route 119 Exit. Follow US 119 south to Clendenin. turn right at the intersection with Route 4 and to two tenths of a mile to the three way stop. From the middle lane turn left and go across the bridge over the Elk River to French Street. At Maywood Avenue (French Street curves into Maywood Street going left). Go three blocks on Maywood. The buidling will be on the left between Cardinal and Main Streets.


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Thelma Chapter No. 24

LOCATION: 7 Maywood Ave., Clendenin, WV 25045
MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 623, Clendenin, WV 25045
MEETINGS: Second and Fourth Monday at 7:30


WM Lora Mae Justice 351 Little Lefthand Rd., Amma, WV 25005
WP Joe Carper 245 Little Lefthand Rd., Amma, WV 25005
AM Nancy Wanner 5312 Elk River Rd., Elk View, WV 25071
AP Joe Tate 9051 Clay Rd., Lefthand, WV 25251
Sec Pam Miller 725 Tariff Rd., Lefthand, WV 25251
Trea Dee Wanner 1925 Thorofare Rd., Clendenin, WV 25045
Cond Lee Ann Carper 249 Little Lefthand Rd., Amma, WV 25005
AC Donna Schoonover 204 Riverview Way, Elk View, WV 25071
Chap Linda Carper 245 Little Lefthand Rd., Amma, WV 25005
Mar Kathy Payne 250 Clio Rd., Cendenin, WV 25045
Adah Sabrina Payne 250 Clio Rd., Clendenin, WV 25045
Ruth Betty Sue Harper 5417 Thorofare Rd., Clendenin, 25045
Esther Shelley St Clair P. O. Box 185, Clendenin, WV 25045
Martha Tammy White 202 Lick Ford Rd., Spencer, WV 25276
Elect Lisa Taylor 502 18th St., Dunbar, WV 25064
War Pam Woods P. O. Box 601, Clendenin, WV 25045
Sent David Harper 5417 Thorofare Rd., Clendenin, WV 25045

Chapter Memership

Julia Abbott Velmalee Gwinn Dolores Reed
Irene Allen Mary Hafer Karrie Reed
Emma Ashley Barbara Hammon Ernestine Reynolds, P.M.
Kathleen Ashley Judy Bea Harold Audra Rhodes
Leo Ashley Betty Harper Harry Robinson
Malinda Ashley David Harper Naomi Robinson
O. Alberta Ashley, P.M. Sharon Harper Wilma Robinson
Roosevelt Ashley, P.P. Sharon Lynn Harper Billie Rose
Retha Auxier Kathy Holcomb, P.M. Jane Rosiek
David Baldwin Debra Holstine Betty Roush
Peggy Barker Marilyn Holt Joan Rucker
Betty Beagle Betty Hunt Rebecca Rucker
Regina Belcher Diana Hunt Billlie Runyon
F. Eleanor Bird Barbara Jones Donna Schoonover
Mary F. Bird Delbert Jones Joyce Scott
Retha Bird Michael Jones Wayne Scott
Sylvia Bird Virginia Jones, P.M. Carolyn Shafer
Benjamin Black Lora Mae Justice, P.M. Katherine Shafer, P.M.
Cheryl Black Margaret Karr, P.M. Frankie Shamblin
Linette Bloomfield Beverly Kearns Lisa Shamblin
Gregory Boggs, P.P. Jim Kearns Noreita Shamblin
Mary K. Boggs, P.M. Deborah Keeney Terry Shamblin
Melissa Boggs, P.M. Cleo Kennedy Violet Shamblin
Odella Boggs Beth King Willadeen Shamblin
Rebecca Boggs Connie Kirk Laura Shamblin-Smith
Ashley Burdette Geraldine Knight Jill Smith
Margaret Buttrick Velda Lebeyo J. Brian St. Clair
Audry Cahill Wanda Lentz Michelle St. Clair
Charles Campbell Larry Lively Jacqueline Stafford
Jean Campbell Terry Lively Patsy Stafford, P.M.
Calvin Canterbury Charles Lynch Juanita Stephens, P.M.
Cathy Canterbury Rita Lynch Conard Summerfield
Danny Joe Carper, P.P. Ruth Matics Kay Summers
Lee Anna Carper Kelen McCleary Joseph M. Tate
Linda Carper, P.M. H. Wayne McKown Nancy Tate
Madgaline Carper Julia McKown, P.M. Betty Taylor
Mary Carper, P.M. Janet Meadows Charles Taylor
Ruth Carper Pam Miller Lisa Taylor
Rachel Cobb Margaret Moles Sybil Taylor
Shirley Cobb Ruth Ann Moles Melissa Thomas
Norma Jane Cottrell William Dale Moles Sally Trone
Amy Cronin Hettie Mullins Robin Villers
John Cronin Ella Myers Neal Vineyard
Wanda Cunningham Debbie Newbold Charles Walker
Catherine Darves Lee Newbold Joann Walker, P.M.
Charlotte Davis Hoyt Newman Dale Wanner
Delbert Davis Glenna Nichols Doris Wanner, P.M.
Hannah Drake Eva Oliver, P.M. Nancy Wanner
James Drennen Sidney Oliver, P.P. Barbara White, P.M.
Linda Drennen Barbara Payne Barry White
Linda Drennen Debra Payne James E. White
Barbara Elmore Gatha Payne Rhonda White
Janice Evans Kathy Payne, P.M. Tammy White, P.M.
Andrea Fertig Kenneth Payne James E. White, Jr.
Angela Freyberg Linda Payne, P.M. Pam Woods
Arlie Gallion Sabrina Payne Dorothy Young
Mary Gallion Ted Payne Helen Young
Alisha Goff Mildred Pence, P.M. Jimmy Young
Billie Gordon Ralph Pence, P.P. R. Karen Young
Donna Graham John Powers Shirley Young
Wilma Graham Julie L. Powers Virginia Young

Chapter History

Thelma Chapter #24 was organized on May 11, 1907. We received our charter on Oct. 7,1907. We celebrated our 100 years at our Nov. 12, 2007 meeting. Our first worthy matron was Ella Wolcott and the first worthy patron was T. L. Davies, with 28 charter members.

To raise money, our chapter makes Easter eggs, apple butter every year, which is a lot of work and fun. This past year we also sponsored a basket bingo. The women’s club of Clendenin has a fall festival every year in which we sell our wares, such as apple butter and baked goods and canned goods that some of our members make and donate. We support the Herbert Hoover High School project graduation every year, the Clendenin Ministerial Association, and the Clendenin Library. We also bought a longaberger basket this winter which we accepted donations for, and it was given away on June 9, 2008.

The funds that we raised also go to the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron projects each year. In the month of June, we go to the Huntington VA Hospital and play bingo with the veterans and in December we go and take gifts for each veteran who is in the hospital. We adopted a veteran from the Barboursville VA Home, his name is Charles, and we all have enjoyed meeting and helping him.

Chapter's Past Grand Officers

Ella V. Wolcott Grand Marshal — 1908
Helen C. Hamrick Grand Electa — 1958
Juanita Graham Grand Esther — 1961
Barbara White Grand Adah — 1973
Barbara White , Worthy Grand Matron — 1981
Millie Pence Grand Esther — 1983
Alberta Ashley Grand Electa — 1986
Linda Carper Grand Marshal — 1996
Dee Wanner Grand Ruth — 2007
Dee Wanner, Associate Grand Conductress — 2010
Dee Wanner, Grand Conductress — 2011

Chapter's Past Grand Representatives

Frances L. Fox Mississippi 1909-1912
Catherine Lee Illinois 1918-1921
Nona McClain Illinois 1921-1924
Florence Jackson Connecticut 1929-1932
Lela Mason Nevada 1936-1939
Malissa Engle North Dakota 1941-1944
Dorothy Kerr Pennsylvania 1950-1953
Blanche Robertson Texas 1957 1959
Virginia Jones Arizona 1960-1963
Juanita Graham New Jersey 1965-1967
Maxine Ellis Oregon 1969-1971
Maxine Ellis Oregan 1971
Barbara White Indiana 1972-1973
Mildred Pence Alberta 1973-1975
Juanita Graham Florida 1976-1979
Mildred Pence Nevada 1978-1981
Alberta Ashley Kentucky 1983-1985
Lena Glover Mississippi 1990-1992
Charles Carper South Carolina 1993-1995
Danny Joe Carper New Jersey 1999-2001
Lora Mae Justice Montana 2001-2003
Linda Carper Missouri 2004-2006
Lee Anna Carper Colorado 2007-2009
Sue Shafer, Connecticut 2009-2011